This highly specialized proficiency enables a character to perfom the difficult and highly exacting work involved in making metal weapons, particularly those with blades. The character blends some of the skill of the blacksmith with an ability to create blades of strength and sharpness. A fully equipped smithy is necessary to use this proficiency.

The time and cost to make various types of weapons are listed on Table 41.


Weapon Construction Time Material Cost
Arrowhead 10/day 1 cp
Battle Axe 10 days 10 sp
Hand Axe 5 days 5 sp
Dagger 5 days 2 sp
H. Crossbow 20 days 10 sp
L. Crossbow 15 days 5 sp
Fork, Trident 20 days 10 sp
Spear, Lance 4 days 4 sp
Short Sword 20 days 5 sp
Long Sword 30 days 10 sp
2-hd Sword 45 days 2 gp

The lack of metal on Athas means weaponsmiths must concentrate on other materials, namely obsidian, bone, and wood. Metal is so rarely used to construct weapons that such an undertaking is usually handled by a team of weaponsmiths and blacksmiths—and often under extremely controlled circumstances (like in the guarded palace of a sorcerer-king).

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