This proficiency enables the gladiator to taunt, goad, and in all ways be annoying and offensive to the enemy. If the gladiator makes the proficiency check and the opponent fails a saving throw vs. paralyzation, the foe becomes enraged. An enraged foe receives a -2 attack penalty, but +1 to damage. In addition, enemies are generally so blinded by rage that they fail to notice the small details essential to good combat, and therefore suffer a -1 to AC.

NPCs with Wisdom of 14 or greater are immune to this effect, as are those 5 or more levels higher than the gladiator. They recognize the taunt for what it is, and may choose to disregard its effects if they wish. PCs are also immune, though they should play out their natural reactions to such acts. The DM should always take the personality of the taunted character, whether PC or NPC, into account.

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