Spellweaving is a catch-all term for the art of creating a disguised spell book. This may take several forms: a pattern woven into material, a network of knots decorating a robe, a series of etched designs in a brick, a painting on a reed mat, or decorative swirls on a staff. The limit to the kind of material and sort of artistic rendering is that it must be extensive enough to serve as a spell book and common enough to not be suspected as such.

Such works serve as collections of all the knowledge a wizard has accumulated. They may be used like normal spell books. They cannot, however, be used like scrolls without destroying the whole work. The Spellweaving proficiency must be used each time a new spell is added to the “book.” A failed roll means the design for that particular spell is flawed and must be started again. It does not indicate that the rest of the work suffers in any way. A Spellweaving takes about two hours per level of spell to create.

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