Psionic Mimicry

This proficiency is very useful to spellcasters who wish their spell effects to appear as the result of psionic activity rather than magic. Using it, the spellcaster utilizes gestures, body language and facial expression to indicate that he is engaged in psionic pursuits. Just before casting a spell, the user of psionic mimicry might, for instance, make a gesture most people associate with a psionic discipline that has an effect similar to the spell he is casting. If there is no such gesture, putting both hands to the head as if focusing one’s mental faculties is also possible. Though anyone could try to do this, those skilled in the proficiency have actually studied the various gestures and moves of psionicists and their mimicry is much more skillful and believable.

Psionic mimicry can be used in lieu of somatic concealment or in conjunction with it. If used together, the two proficiencies makes it almost impossible for anyone to distinguish a spell’s effects from some sort of psionics. Further, those with the psionic mimicry proficiency have a chance equal to their proficiency skill -2 to correctly identify what sort of psionic power a person is using by observing that psionic’s body language for one round.

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