Psionic Lore

This proficiency represents the study of famous masters of the Way and the methodology of developing mental powers. The character is versed in the standard powers and effects. With a successful proficiency check, the character can identify the general effects of any psionic devotion or science. For example, the character encounters a dwarf walking across a silt basin without sinking. With a successful check, he can determine that the dwarf is using the Body Equilibrium devotion.

The second benefit of this proficiency is the ability to recognize attack patterns in mental combat. If the character makes a proficiency check with a -4 penalty, he is able to guess which attack and defense modes his opponent will be using that round and select his own modes accordingly. The DM should make this check in secret; if the PC fails the check, randomly decide which powers he thinks is opponent is using.

If two characters with psionic lore engage in mental combat, the character with the highest successful proficiency check is able to read his opponent's intentions. If the proficiency checks are the same, neither character gains any information.

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