Psionic Detection

The psionic detection proficiency works much as the psionic sense devotion, but it is much weaker. With this proficiency, an Athasian character uses his latent psionic ability to detect the expenditure of psionic strength points (PSPs) around him.

When employing this proficiency, a character must clear his mind and concentrate, taking at least one full round to prepare. A successful check allows the character to detect the expenditure of any PSPs within 50 yards of his location, regardless of intervening material objects. A character can maintain use of the proficiency for successive rounds, but during that time he can’t move or perform any other actions. The proficiency check, however, must succeed on the round the PSPs are expended or the character detects nothing.

This proficiency can only inform a character that PSPs were expended within 50 yards, telling nothing more. The detector can’t determine the number of PSPs, their source, the powers drawn upon, or the purpose of the expenditure (whether to initiate a power or to maintain one). Psionic detection isn’t cumulative with other detection techniques.

A player whose character has the psionic detection proficiency should remind the DM about that fact every so often. The DM might sometimes secretly roll the proficiency and inform the player of results.

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