Planes Lore

This proficiency provides its user with information concerning other planes. The lore which is known concerns the Gray, the Black, the Hollow, and the four Elemental planes. With this proficiency, characters have a 50% chance to know some germane fact about all these planes. If the character is intimately concerned with that plane (such as Necromancers with the Gray and the Black or clerics with their corresponding elemental plane), that chance rises to 65%. Until the character has actually interacted with the plane in some form, the chances to know information concerning them remain the same.

Interaction raises the chance of specific knowledge about the plane with which the character interacted by 5%. Necromancers and clerics capable of casting third level spells are considered to have interacted with the specific plane(s) from which they draw their spells. Without this proficiency, characters know nothing of these realms.

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