Path Lore

Path Lore is the accumulated knowledge concerning the Paths of wizardry. Defiler Lore tells the pertinent facts about defiling magic (how it works, some of the potential power to be had through its use, etc.), stories of a few famous defilers from the past, the role of obsidian and a little about dragons — especially lore about becoming a dragon. Preserver Lore tells just the opposite — information on preserving magic, great preservers of the past, the dream of restoring Athas, and some lore about avangions.

In practical terms, this proficiency could allow the character to know a little about great figures from the past, possible hiding places of ancient preserver magical items, or perhaps a hint on how to defeat a dragon (whether accurate or not). Wizard characters may not start the game with this proficiency; they must find a teacher who is willing to teach them the lore. Learning defiler lore teaches the wizard nothing about preservers and vice versa. If a character wishes to learn both defiler and preserver lore, he must take this proficiency twice. Preservers who know defiler lore without being familiar with preserver lore seem very suspicious to members of the Veiled Alliance.

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