Mediation is the art of negotiation used to arbitrate between two or more warring factions. Customarily, the mediator is not a member of either side, but a neutral third party. Ostensibly, he acts as a referee of sorts, allowing all sides to express their concerns and opinions, then acting as a negotiator between sides or as an arbitrator or judge, who is empowered to make a decision that is as fair as possible to all interested parties. It is not always possible for a third party to conduct the negotiations, however, and mediators are often diplomats from one side or another who are empowered to make deals and set limits on agreements.

Whether used to set terms for surrender, to settle land disputes or negotiate trade agreements, or to promote peace between factions, tribes or city-states, mediation allows those involved to strive for the best possible outcome for all sides.

Mediation cannot be used in lieu of the bargain proficiency.

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