Lens Crafting

Lens Crafting is a precise and demanding craft used to cut and shape glass into a lens capable of focusing spell energy or psionic power. Using this proficiency, someone may cut, shape and polish different kinds of glass into useful lenses. Some lenses may be used to focus the sun’s rays to start fires. Others may make small marks larger to those viewing them through the lens. Both these uses require the glass to be transparent and relatively free of inclusions or bubbles.

Lenses that are to be used by Cerulean wizards must be made of blue glass and shaped into ovals. They may not have any bubbles or foreign matter trapped within them as they will become the foci of potentially destructive magical power. All Cerulean wizards make their own lenses. Blue lenses take approximately one full day to construct providing the crafter has the proper tools and access to the glass.

It is also possible to use this proficiency to carve obsidian so that it becomes useful as a focus for spell energy or for psionic powers. The obsidian tables used by psionicists to move craft through the Sea of Silt are created using this skill. Obsidian spheres may also be crafted using this proficiency. They must be perfectly spherical and free of inclusions to qualify as useful spell components or magical focusing devices. Wizards with the lens crafting skill could carve the small obsidian spheres used in the following spells: orb of power, energy conduit, energy storage, steal energy and obsidian death.

In order to be useful in dragon magic, however, the crafter would have to roll a 1 on his proficiency. The Dark Lens was probably carved by a master craftsman using this proficiency, but the powers that went into its making are far beyond the wizards who now reside on Athas. Even if such an artifact could be carved, its powers would not be the same.

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