SIZE: Large
HD: 7 (d8)
MOVE: 30 ft.
AC: 18
ATTACKS: Bite (1d6)
SPECIAL: Improved Grab, Life Detection
INT: Average
ALIGNMENT: Neutral Evil
TYPE: Aberration

Combat: The gaj strikes with its psionic attack modes first, trying to disable its opponents before moving in for the kill. If this fails, or once the opponents are disabled, the gal tries to kill its prey with its two huge mandibles. The hard shell covering the gaj's body reduces the damage that all non-metallic weapons cause it. Thus, all non-metal weapons inflict half their normal damage to these monsters. In melee, it can also protect its vulnerable head by pulling it beneath its shell. This leaves the dangerous mandibles exposed, and does not reduce its combat effectiveness at all.

Improved Grab: When a gaj strikes with its bite, an opponent must make a successful strength save or be held, immobile, in the creature’s mandibles. A creature held in this way suffers bite damage automatically each subsequent round. After a held creature suffers automatic bite damage in a given round, it can attempt another strength save to break free of the creature’s clutches.
More importantly, the gaj wraps its feathery antenna around the victim's head and psionically probes his innermost thoughts. Unlike the standard psionic probe, however, this is a painful, destructive process. The victim loses 1d4 points of Intelligence or Wisdom (distributed randomly on a point by point basis) each round he is held. This loss is permanent, and once the victim's Intelligence or Wisdom drops to 0, he becomes a mindless husk and will soon die of starvation and thirst.

Speical: A gaj possesses the psionics of an 8th level telepath, and has the following psionic powers: domination, mass domination, probe, tower of iron will, aversion, ego whip, esp, false sensory input, id insinuation, inflict pain, intellect fortress, life detection, mental barrier, mind blank, psionic blast, and send thoughts.

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