Dirty Tricks

The Dirty Tricks proficiency allows any warrior character (not just a gladiator) to learn how to fight dirty against an opponent. Although the exact methods may vary from character to character, the proficiency allows the PC to distract an opponent just long enough to get away with something otherwise not possible.

The method of trickery must necessarily vary depending on terrain, the opponent, and numerous other factors. Even weather can have a serious effect on the tricks a gladiator can play. The Dirty Tricks proficiency gives a +1 bonus to one of several actions the PC can take in the combat round, provided the PC makes a successful proficiency check. A foe may make a Wisdom check at -2 to detect the trick. A successful Wisdom check negates the Dirty Trick for that round.

The Dirty Tricks bonus may be applied to the user's attack, initiative, or damage results. The Dirty Trickster may also choose to apply the bonus as a penalty (-1) to an opponent's attack, initiative, or damage. The desired bonus must be announced before the proficiency is checked. A failed check indicates that the enemy is alert to such tricks, and will not fall prey to them later in the combat.

Dirty Tricks generally work only once or twice against any given opponent, no matter what forms are used. They remember those who engage in such tricks against them, usually with negative overtones. Only those with Average or lower Intelligence will succumb to a Dirty Trick played twice unless it is exceptionally clever. Players are encouraged to think of the tricks themselves, rather than simply rolling the dice.

Each Dirty Trick played by the PC against the same enemy gives the enemy a +2 on his Wisdom check, making the check for a second Trick at a 0 modifier, the third at a +2, and so on. Unless it can be reasonably expected that the foe would not remember the PC (DM's discretion), this bonus should always be kept in mind. A bonus also applies if the PC has a reputation for Dirty Tricks, when facing someone who would know of this reputation.

Sample Dirty Tricks include throwing sand in a foe's eyes, playing dead to lure an enemy into striking distance, clouting him in sensitive areas, forcing him to spring arena-laid traps, and so forth.

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