Demonic Abilities

Demonic Abilities

What follows are the most prevalent powers of demons on Earth. Remember, when selecting abilities for a demon, they must be chosen from its Circle or lower, unless otherwise directed.

Circle 1

Aquatic: The creature is native to the water and cannot drown. Such creatures typically have a Pace in water equal to their Swimming skill.
Burrowing: The creature can burrow underground a distance equal to its Burrow ability. It can surprise attack at +2 to attack and damage (+4 with a raise) by making an opposed Stealth vs. Notice.
Danger Sense: The demon can detect danger and warn its master with a Notice -2 roll.
Fearless: This demon is immune to Fear and Intimidation.
Go for the Throat: This demon goes for the victim’s soft spots. With a raise on its attack roll, it hits the most weakly armored location.
Wall Walker: The demon can walk on horizontal surfaces or even upside down at its normal Pace.

Circle 2

Arcane Resistance: As per the Edge. May be taken as two abilities for Improved Arcane Resistance.
Armor: Each point of Armor adds +1 the creature’s Toughness. This may be selected multiple times.
Fear: The demon may cast Fear upon a single target as the spell of the same name. He makes a Spirit roll to do so. He has 10 Power Points dedicated to this ability. The target receives a -1 to the roll for each Circle of the Demon.
Hardy: The demon, when Shaken, ignores additional Shaken results.
Increase Skill: One of the demon’s skills is increased a die type. This may be selected multiple times.
Knowledge: The demon has a particular area of knowledge at its Smarts +2.

Circle 3

Demonic Rage: Identical to the Malakar racial edge.
Regeneration (Medium): The demon makes a natural healing roll every hour.
Size: Size adds to a creature’s Toughness. Each time selected, the size increases by 1 category.
Strength: Each selection increases Strength 1 die type.
Quick: As per the Edge of the same name.
Power: The demon’s Spirit die type is increased by 1 step.

Circle 4

Ethereal: As per the monster ability.
Flight: This demon may fly at its Strength pace in inches and climb at half that rate.
Shapechange: Demons with this ability may shift forms into that of another creature within their same Size category level (normally Size 0). It requires a Vigor roll to change forms and is a full action. On a success, someone familiar with the target may attempt a Notice roll at -2 to detect that something is off. With a raise, the penalty increases to -4. Should the character be Shaken, he must make a successful Vigor roll to maintain his form. A character asleep or unconscious reverts to his natural form.
Stun: A target who is hit must make a Vigor roll or be Shaken, even if he was not damaged by the attack. He cannot attempt to recover for 1d6 rounds after the attack.

Circle 5

Greater Demon: The summoned demon is a Wild Card. Summoning attempts are made at -4.
Paralysis: With a successful attack, a target who is Shaken or wounded must make a Vigor roll or be paralyzed for 2d6 rounds.
Regeneration (Fast): The demon makes a natural healing roll every round.
Wild Die: The demon has one trait with which it may roll a Wild Die. This is selected at the time of summoning by the character. May only be selected once per trait and does not stack with Greater Demon.

Circle 6

Greater Demon: The summoned demon is a Wild Card.

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