Defensive Tactics

Those with the Defensive Tactics proficiency are able to assess situations and determine the best course of action to maintain a defensive posture. Although this allows those who are about to enter combat or who are already engaged to figure out the best defensive strategy or the most useful strategy for withdrawing from the fight with the least damage, the proficiency is useful in other areas as well.

More than just a combat skill, Defensive Tactics allows the character to assess any situation in terms of its defensive needs. This could be used to determine the most readily defensible campsite, to choose lodgings where spellcasters (or other wanted party members) are unlikely to be noticed, or to determine from interacting with an individual or a group the most likely course of action that will prevent trouble from erupting. The latter may call for the character to offer a bribe, to humble himself so as to be left alone, or conversely to stand up for himself and try to intimidate a bully. Other uses of the skill involve planning the defenses for a city or caravan under attack and analyzing other’s defenses for possible weak points. Pacifists are particularly adept at this proficiency and receive a +1 bonus to their roll to use it.

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