Dark Legacies Edges

Arcane Background [Arcanist] (Background)

Arcane Skill: Spellcraft (Smarts)
Starting Powers: 1 rare Novice or 2 uncommon Seasoned
Arcanist Power List: abyssal transport, abyssal window, armageddon device, atmospheric surge, beastial slave, beatific veil, bind intentions, black curtain, blood blessing, bone spasm, brain sieve, brain swell, bypass barrier, call demon, cardiac assassin, cascade of spikes, consume mind, creeping tumors, crippling blight, deceptive shroud, deconstruct into chaos, deconstruct into spell form, demonic augmentation, demonic visage, sensory multiplication, spawn umbilical guardian, spinal decoder…
Components: Working demonic energy requires both verbal, as well as material components, such as bone, blood, body parts, and other rare substances to work properly. An arcanist begins the game with enough components to cast each spell 1d4 times. Whether or not a spell is successful, the components are still used in the casting. Some spells also require focuses, which are never consumed in the casting of the spell, but are nonetheless required.
Backlash: With a failure, the arcanist suffers a level of Fatigue, which is recovered after 30 minutes. On a roll of 1 on his arcane skill die, regardless of Wild Die, the hero must roll 1d20 and consult the Spell Backlash Table. It is possible to suffer backlash and still succeed at casting because of the Wild Die. With a critical failure, the hero must roll 2d20 on the Backlash Table and use the highest of the two die results.

Arcane Background [Priest] (Background)

Arcane Skill: The Voice (Spirit)
Starting Powers: 2 (must be from known dominions)
Dominions: All Priest characters receive the Piety dominion by default, and must choose 3 additional dominions when first taking this edge.

  • Consecration:
  • Dominance:
  • Forbiddance:
  • Knowledge:
  • Piety: binding rapture, courage of the blessed, divine might of the righteous, fear of god, heretic's distress, purity of thought, tide of the masses, true faith, violent reclamation
  • Purity:
  • Sanctity: Gain one die in Knowledge (magic), access to the holy warding and disrupt magic powers, and may select Abyssal as a starting language.
  • War: Gain one die in Fighting, Riding and Swimming, and access to the warrior's gift power.



Blessed Daughter (Professional)

Requirements: Seasoned, Female Human

Combat Inventioneer (Professional)

Requirements: Seasoned, Novag


Requirements: Seasoned

Gatekeeper (Professional)

Requirements: Seasoned, Dwerof


Requirements: Seasoned, Human (Precaean)



Street Bishop


Requirements: Seasoned, Arcane Background (Arcanist)

Tor Bull

Requirements: Seasoned, Brigg

Truth Seeker




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