Crystal Focus

Many psionicists find that they can achieve a deeper and more productive psionic trance by focusing their meditations on an inanimate object. Crystals and gemstones are the most frequently used foci, because of their clarity and durability. A crystal focus gives the psionicist a +1 bonus on power checks for one particular science or devotion.

To use this proficiency, the psionicist must first attune a crystal to one of his psionic powers. This requires a proficiency check and two hours of meditation. After that, he can use the +1 bonus any time he initiates the power if he has the crystal in contact with his body. A psionicist may only attune one crystal at a time. If he rolls a natural 20 on his power check, the crystal burns out and is destroyed.

The crystal doesn't have to be very valuable - a plain quartz crystal is usually enough to establish focus.

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