Bless Element

Level 1 cleric (elemental)
Casting Time: 1 hr. (1 if air)
Range: touch
Duration: permanent
Saving Throw: n/a
Spell Resistance: yes (object)
Components: V, S, DF

This spell changes a specific volume of an element associated with the casting priest into a holy element. The holy element is pure and blessed, a physical manifestation of the elemental priest’s faith and devotion.

To cast this spell, the priest spends the casting time deep in prayer. He focuses on his holy symbol, praying over a specific quantity of his patron element and contemplating the pure strength of its planar form. At the end of the hour, the priest makes a Wisdom check and plunges his hand and holy symbol into the element (whether earth, air, fire, or water), causing it to become invested with holy power. Note that no harm befalls the priest or the holy item if he rolls a successful Wisdom check; a failed check indicates no damage, with the exception of the fire element, which causes 1d4 points of damage. The prayer must be vocalized throughout the casting, accompanied by distinct hand motions unique to each element. For example, a fire priest’s fingers dance like wild flames, an earth priest makes slow, deliberate motions, a water priest’s hands move with fluid grace, and an air priest’s movements are filled with erratic fluttering.

Holy elements retain their purity and blessed state until they are used. Some priests carry holy elements with them as another sign of their faith, while certain ceremonies require a priest to make use of a holy element. If employed as a weapon against undead or creatures from the Lower Planes, a holy element loses its sacred nature immediately after it is used. See Holy Elements for details on using these elements as weapons and for the damage inflicted by them.

The specific quantities of material altered by this spell are as follows: a palm-sized rock or loose earth that fills a small sack; an amount of fire equal to a torch; six ounces of water. Air, of course, is a special case. Elemental air is the hardest holy element to retain, but it is also the fastest to imbue with sacred power. The elemental air priest must pray as described above, but his casting time is reduced to one full round. At the end of that round, the priest makes a Wisdom check. If successful, the air around the hand holding the holy symbol becomes pure and blessed. It retains this holiness for 1d4 rounds, then returns to its normal state. Any time during this duration, the priest can use the holy air as described above. He holds his hand toward the intended target and softly blows in that direction. The holy air moves like the wind, releasing its sacred power when it strikes a solid object or comes in contact with an incorporeal entity.

The reverse is called curse element.

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