Locator Demon

This humanoid creature is lean, with a broad chest and muscular legs covered by leathery red skin. Its long clawed hands grasp the hilt of a serrated greatsword that buzzes with a perpetual high-pitched hum. Its horned head is dominated by large sensory organs: glaring amber eyes filled with animal cunning, broad ears pressed flat against its head, a gnarled muzzle, and a wide jaw that emits a faint cloud of ashen smoke with every breath. Behind the creature are two more almost identical in appearance, except they stand on all fours with arched backs, their swords sheathed, and their hind legs tensing.
Attributes: Agility d12, Smarts d10, Spirit d10, Strength d10, Vigor d12
Skills: Climbing d6, Fighting d10, Guts d8, Healing d8, Intimidation d6, Lockpicking d8, Notice d12, Persuasion d8, Stealth d10, Streetwise d6, Survival d8, Swimming d6, Tracking d10
Pace: 6; Parry: 7 (6); Toughness: 8
Gear: Masterpiece greatsword (precise, wounding)
Special Abilities:

  • Claw: Str+d6
  • Greatsword: Str+d10, -1 Parry,
  • Fear: Anyone seeing a locator must make a Guts roll.
  • Unnatural Senses: A locator ignores all penalties for bad lighting, including complete darkness, and can detect and track creatures by scent; Locator demons can speak and understand all languages.
  • Demon: +2 to recover from being Shaken; Immune to poison and disease; Half-damage from non-holy or non-demonic attacks.
  • Lope: A locator can drop down onto all fours as a free action, just as though dropping prone. When in this mode, its Pace increases to 8 and it rolls a d10 for running, but it cannot hold any items or make any attacks. Standing back up costs 2" of movement as usual.
  • Retrieval: A locator can use one of the following spells as an action at will: bypass barrier, consume mind, or locate. No two members of a pack have the same retrieval ability.
  • Pack Bond: Locator demons can communicate telepathically with their other two pack mates, provided they are within 200 yards. They use this ability to strategize and exchange information while hunting their target. Locators retain this ability while shapeshifted.
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