A character who has the bargain proficiency can haggle over monetary, service, and barter transactions to gain a better deal, as follows:

  • In a monetary transaction, a successful check allows the character to purchase an item for 10% less or sell one for 10% more than the going rate.
  • In a simple barter transaction, a successful check improves the perceived value of the bargainer’s goods by 10%. in a protracted barter, a successful check allows the bargainer to roll 3d6 instead of 2d6 for that round of barter; a separate check initiates every round. (Simple and protracted barter are fully explained in Chapter 3: Money and Equipment.)
  • In a service transaction, a successful check provides the bargainer 10% more than the going rate for his services.

The DM should require players to role-play the bargaining session to gain the benefits of this proficiency.

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