Artistic Ability

Player characters with artistic ability are naturally accomplished in various forms of the arts. They have an inherent understanding of color, form, space, flow, tone, pitch, and rhythm. Characters with artistic ability must select one art form (painting, sculpture, composition, etc.) to be proficient in. Thereafter they can attempt to create art works or musical compositions in their given field. Although it is not necessary to make a proficiency check, one can be made to determine the quality of the work. If a 1 is rolled on the check, the artist has created a work with some truly lasting value. If the check fails, the artist has created something aesthetically unpleasing or just plain bad.

Artistic ability also confers a +1 bonus to all proficiency checks requiring artistic skill - singing, musical instrument or dancing - and to attempts to appraise objects of art.

This proficiency remains unchanged in its description, but its usefulness on Athas may be more far-reaching. Slaves who have artistic ability are sometimes brought out of the pits and placed in the homes of nobles where they might learn to read. If they fall out of favor, however, these literate slaves can’t be returned to the pits. They’re either executed or sent to the arena.

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